Experience Boat – Sailing When Taking Mekong Delta Tours

Mekong Delta is a famous wetland in Vietnam. It is one of the most favorite tourist destinations of Vietnam tours. Due to the natural geographical feature, boat is the main means of transportation in Mekong Delta. Therefore, if you have a chance to take Mekong Delta tours, let’s experience boat-sailing to feel how interesting it is!


In the floating markets

Floating market is a unique kind of market in Mekong Delta. Unlike markets in another region, it entirely meets and operates on the boats on some big rivers. On each boat, it supplies only some prominent products such as fishes, fruits, flowers, foods or drinks. Especially, traders do not have to announce and invite customers anymore. Instead, they hang their products on a pole on their boats so that customers can recognize and drop in if they need these products. Visiting floating markets in Mekong Delta, you can not only enjoy the regional cuisine as well as buy some agricultural products but also have a chance to be a trader. To be specific, real traders are always willing to instruct you how to sail and control the boat to move around rivers. As a trader, you will know how local people earn a living with their boats and understand how skillful they are when sailing boats every day. Therefore, it is such a pity if you take Mekong Delta tours without trying sailing boat in the floating market.

In Tra Su Cajuput Forest

The floating season always attracts a large number of tourists to visit Mekong Delta. At that time, Tra Su Cajuput Forest is considered to be one of the worthiest places to go. Specifically, it has all of the most typical features of an ecosystem in the west of Hau River. Thanks to its inherent features, it becomes an indispensable destination to experience boat-sailing in Mekong Delta. Commonly, you will pay the boatman to have them carry you along Tra Su Cajuput Forest so that you can comfortably admire the strikingly beautiful scenery here. However, you can ask the boatman to instruct you how to sail the boat and then you can try controlling it by yourself to enjoy your trip in a unique way.


In Thap Muoi’s lotus field

Thap Muoi’s lotus field is a well-liked destination in Mekong Delta. It is its rustic beauty that creates a wonderful scenery for tourists to visit, especially in the blooming season. When visiting Thap Muoi’s lotus field, you should take the opportunity to work as a farmer. More specifically, your task is to sail a boat around the field on your own. Then you have to pick lotus flowers and gather them to the exact place for local farmers. Also, if you want to have lunch right there, you will continue sailing the boat to fish in the middle of the vast lotus fields. Certainly, you will get a lot of interesting experiences in your Mekong Delta tours by sailing boat in Thap Muoi’s lotus field.



Generally, sailing a boat in Mekong Delta is so funny and exciting, isn’t it? Don’t hesitate to contact us to take Mekong Delta tours and experience boat-sailing right now!

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