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Who we are?

Indochina Dream Travel is a locally established company in Vietnam by a highly experienced Vietnamese travel professional, who has been in the Travel Business for more than 15 years before opening this, her own special company in Oct 2018 to cater for the needs and interests of international travelers worldwide, but taking individual focused care of you, and your dreams as our priority.

At Indochina Travel Dream, your satisfaction and fullfilled dreams of travel is our success. Therefore all our colleagues have over 10 years of experience as tour guides, travel consultants and tour operators so we are confident to give you our valued clients an unforgettable travel experience to match your desire. Thus our service standards are high, and all our efforts go towards meeting all your needs and expectations.

Our advantage is that we have a contingent and predictable skillful and professional online team,so as to support you and provide 24/24 hours free of charge travel information and answers to your questions. We are ready to show you not just beautiful countries rich in history, culture and traditions along with stunning scenery, but also allow you to experience friendly and hospitable local people and their way of life.

Our friendly and experienced guides are the keys to get the most from your travel. Interacting with each guide is the beginning of your intimate link to the locals and their everyday life. Through their insight and vast knowledge, you will be rewarded with a fascinating indepth glimpse into Indochina’s culture.

Only the highest quality guides will accompany you on your trip through Vietnam and Indochina. Their professionalism, personality and outstanding knowledge are the reasons they are employed by us, and they will be a memorable part of your journey. Their ability to communicate their culture clearly and in an amusing and educational manner will make the experience, even more enjoyable.

Why not accept this invitation to come with us on a truly memorable journey to uncover your inner world through the fascinating world of Indochina, a journey for a lifetime of memories.

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