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Term & conditions

These term & conditions and all information set out in our website and the order form used to complete your booking forms the legal agreement between Indochina Dream Travel and you.

Please read these terms and conditions before you make your booking. If you have any questions or concerns please inform us before making a booking. By making a booking with us, you have confirmed you agree to these Terms & Conditions.

1. How far ahead I need to book the tour?

Vietnam become a pallor destination for traveler around the world nowadays, so many services such as hotels, flights, trains, boat cruise can get fully booked normally around one month before. So to avoid disappointment for late booking, the earliest booking in advance as possible is strongly recommended so that you go ahead with your holiday without any concerns just go to relax.

2. How can I book a tour?

If you are interested in a tour itinerary on our website or you have your own itinerary, please send to us so that we can give you the correct quote with information by below inquires:

  • Starting travel date
  • Desired holiday duration
  • Tour request
  • Preferred accommodation
  • Estimated budget
  • Special requests

We will respond within 24 hours and our friendly staff is there to help you to discuss further options with you. When the details are finalized we will complete a tailor made itinerary for you. Upon agreement with the program that we have prepared together, including the prices, we will send you a deposit invoice before we make a booking with the payment due before your arrival.

3. Price and surcharges

All prices on our website, in our brochures and newsletter are accurate at the time of publication.  We reserve the right to change any of these prices that might have a fluctuation due to factors outside of our control. These factors include the cost of fuel, currency fluctuations, landing taxes at airports on embarkation/disembarkation, other taxes and fees at ports).

Prices on our website, in our brochures and newsletters are updated regularly. Prior to booking we will give you an up-to-date price for your chosen holiday, including any flight supplements, upgrades or any additional facilities as requested, after the payment is paid in full you have a guarantee that there will be no changes in price of the tour package. There will be no refunds made in any service that are included in the package which are not utilized by you.

4. Travelling with children

If you are travelling with your children it is your responsibility to ensure that they are fit and healthy so they can participate in your chosen itinerary and that they are supervised at all times during the tour. Indochina Dream Travel is not responsible for any failure to participate in any activity due to your child’s health or for the supervision of children on the tour.

Rates for Children (applicable for ONE child only per booking)

  • Children under 2 years of age free of charge (Share bed with parents)
  • Children from 3 – 5 years of age charge 25% tour cost (without extra bed) & 50% of tour cost  (with extra bed)
  • Children from 6 – 11 years 50% of tour cost  (without extra bed) & 75% of tour cost (with extra bed)
  • Children 12 years of age are charged as an adult (able to share room with adults in 1 extra bed or stay in single room subject charge)

Note: air tickets for children depends on each airline companies and not applied as other services

5. How to pay?

5.1. Bank transfer and Cash.

Except for cash payment, bank fee charge may apply (any bank charge must be borne by customers). Our bank account details are as follows:

  • Beneficiary name:
  • Beneficiary Account number:
  • Bank name:
  • Bank address:
  • Bank swift code or Bank code for transfer:

5.2. ONEPAY: Send money via Onepay by your credit card.

In case of the credit card payment, you must pay 3.85% for credit card fee. We connect with OnePAY Payment Gateway to accept Online Card Payment (www.onepay.vn). All of your card information is processed through SSL protocol with international card security standard. Your card information will not be stored at our system (Merchant). After you have received Invoice Payment Link, please check the information of the Invoice. If all the information is correct, please check the Terms and Conditions and click, I agree with Terms and Conditions, and click Submit. You will be redirected to OnePAY Payment Gateway to pay us online with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB Card with following steps:

Input Card information:

The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) will begin with https://onepay.vn/…

To make the payment, you will input the following card information:

  • Card Number
  • Expiration Date
  • CSC (Card Security Code – CVV, CVC)
  • Billing address (Card holder’s address which has been registered with the Issuer Bank)
  • Click “PAY”.
  • Online payment password (If you have enrolled 3D- Secure Program for your card with the Issuer Bank namely Verified by Visa for Visa card, MasterCard Secure Code for MasterCard, and J- Secure for JCB Card).

The steps to set the tour services, Cancellation/refund policy, Term and Conditions

Upon receipt of your request, we will check and inform you about availability of tour services. Your booking is considered confirmed when we receive your acknowledgement.

6. Deposit – Final payment – Refunds

All trips require a deposit from at least 20% of the total amount (deposit from 20 to 30% of total amount depending on your tour type). The deposit will confirm your booking.

Deposit payment can be settled by bank transfer (you will pay all bank fee and make sure that we will receive enough total amount in the Vietnam bank).  Or pay online by credit card through Onepay’s link create by us (please add 3.85% for bank fee), this payment method is very fast and safe as we will don’t know your card information.

Final payment

Final payment is settled before some days or upon arrival in Vietnam (this depends on your tour type).

Except as otherwise agreed by Merchant, Client’s payment shall be executed by cash or credit card. Except for cash payment, a service charge may apply (3% of the card holder). Any bank charges levied by the sending bank relating to transfers to Merchant must be paid by the Client/Agent.


Refunds, and their method will be effected as agreed between you and Vietnam Dream Travel for unused services, and timely cancellations. Again, we will not charge you any amount for our work. However bank fees, if applicable, will be for your account.

The refund will be made through bank transfer or credit card, depending on the original method of purchase.

The refund for cancellation is derived from our suppliers’ requirements, and can be summarized as follows:

  • 30 Days before trip commencement: 90% will be refunded
  • 14 Days before trip commencement: 80% will be refunded
  • 7 Days before trip commencement: 60% will be refunded
  • No refund for cancellations within 3 days before departure.

7. Amendment – Cancellations


All amendment requests must be received in writing at our office. We will make the changes subject to availability. In addition to the fee we charge, any alteration, whether a change to an existing booking or a change to another tour or departure date, will also be subject to payment by you of any of the costs imposed by any of the suppliers providing the component parts of the tour. If the trip to which you change to is more expensive than the one you originally booked, a further deposit will also have to be paid.


In the event of cancellation, we will not impose any charges, as we strive to provide the best service and experience to our customers. However, if hotels or transportation contractors apply charges for cancellation, you will have to pay those charges that apply. Cancellation policies vary, depending upon the type of service, the time of year, and the reason for cancellation. We will pass on to you all details of any cancellation policy with our reply upon demand.

All cancellation must be informed in writing either by email or fax, should be made at least 10 days before the departure date for free applied for the small group (from 1 to 6 people), 30 days applied for the average group (7 to 10 people), and 60 days for big group from 11 people up. (Except flight ticket and train ticket, you will must subject to the fee of cancellation).

8. Special Assistance

– We welcome passengers with disabilities or special needs provided their health allows them to participate on the tour. To allow the tour group to travel together, we may require that passengers with disabilities or special needs are accompanied by a companion who is capable of providing all necessary assistance paid for by the traveller.

– Any disability or medical condition requiring special attention must be reported to us at the time of booking. It is the customer’s responsibility to advise us of such circumstances to ensure the selected tour is suited to your individual needs. We are not responsible for any loss of enjoyment, loss of touring or loss of monies should the customer be unable to participate in the tour or in any or all of the activities.

– A health, mobility and fitness checklist can be requested at the time of booking to be sent to you with your invoice.

– We will make reasonable efforts to accommodate the special needs of disabled passengers, but we will not be responsible for any denial of services by third party carriers, hotels, trains, restaurants or other independent suppliers, or for any additional expenses.

9. Complaint process

If you have any reason to make a complaint during your holiday or tour, you must inform our local representative or your tour guide, and the relevant supplier of the service immediately. If you are not happy with their action or response at the time of complaint, please inform our office in writing, within 35 days of your return home.  We will acknowledge your written notification within 24 hours and aim to provide a full response within 7 working days.  Our aim is to resolve any complaints you may have, but we cannot enforce the matter will be solved by the third party.

10. Feedback

Don’t just tell your friends about us, broadcast it to the internet and beyond. We would love to hear the good, the bad and the amazing experience you had with us.

The good: share your good experience with us so we can keep providing the best services. Then let your friends, family, neighbours know so they can join in the fun.

The bad: Don’t bottle it up. Send it our way. We would love the opportunity to build a serious relationship with you but we can only act on the information that we have at hand.

The amazing: Share your amazing experiences with us so we can keep on providing the best services to the best places in Indochine and beyond. Then let your friends, colleagues, family, neighbours and strangers you pass in the street know so they can join in the fun.

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