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With more than 1000 years of civilization, Hanoi has always been the largest cultural center of Vietnam. It owns a large number of tangible and intangible relics plus a lot of traditional values, which deeply characterizes Vietnam culture. Therefore, it is certainly worth a visit in your Vietnam tours. Let’s explore Hanoi culture tour to known more about this land as well as understand Hanoi people better!


Hanoi markets

No one knows exactly when markets were formed and how many markets there are in Hanoi. However, it is certain that the market is not only a place to do some commercial activities but it is also an expression of Vietnamese culture. To be specific, visiting a market in Hanoi, you will get more knowledge about the common personalities of Hanoi people through their behaviors in trading. Simultaneously, some inherent characteristics of Hanoi culture are also expressed in the composition and working hour of the market. Therefore, the market is an indispensable place to explore in Hanoi culture tour.


In general, Dong Xuan Market is the largest and busiest market in Hanoi. Besides, some markets like Mo Market, Buoi Market, Hom Market, Hang Da Market have also become familiar to Hanoi people as well as tourists in Vietnam tours. Actually, a lot of tourists go to Hanoi markets with the aim of visiting more than buying something. In particular, visiting these places will give you a chance to make acquaintance with Hanoi traders and learn Hanoi culture from them.


Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter is the highlight of your Hanoi culture tour. There are 36 famous streets for 36 trades that you should not miss. Each of them is in charge of one kind of product, creating an attractively united area in Hanoi. In Hanoi Old Quarter, there is a wide range of hoary houses which still retain their appearances from the 19th century. Going to this place, you can explore Hanoi traditional culture through how Hanoi people dress and how they treat one another in a very simple and friendly way.

Especially, Hanoi Old Quarter is often an ideal place to enjoy a lot of artistic activities at the weekend. These are some traditional art forms of Vietnam such as xẩm, ca trù, chầu văn and so on. It will help you partly visualize Hanoi at the ancient time and how culture is transmitted from one generation to another.


Bat Trang Ceramic Village

As a traditional craft village, Bat Trang Ceramic Village holds a lot of cultural values of Hanoi. Ceramic products here are all handcrafted thanks to the creativity and elaboration of Hanoi craftsmen. Some typical products such as vases, bowls or drawings have always been purchased in large quantities by foreign exporters. Thanks to a perfect combination of fine ceramic products with historical and traditional values, Bat Trang is not just a purely productive village anymore. Today, it becomes a well-liked tourist destination attracting a lot of tourists in Hanoi culture tour. When you visit Bat Trang Ceramic Village, the skillful craftsmen here are always willing to tell you the development of this village as well as their daily life in Hanoi, which helps you understand Hanoi people better.




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